Sim-AV develops and promotes the use of simulators for pedagogical use in arts education. Our applications are designed to help students and teachers to increase the efficiency of technological audiovisual classes through the use of generic and customized studio simulators.


The simulators emulate the main technical specifications of popular equipment used in recording studios.
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Freeware for teachers and students who would like to participate in our research project.
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Sim-AV summary

With Sim-AV

Classes can be held in computer labs where each student works with their own simulator.

Students are well prepared before they go into the studio and can use the equipment safely and efficiently.

Students can complete assignments and practice in computer labs or from their homes.

Students can at all times have access to a wider range of equipment than any department can house.

Sim-AV offers

Faculty support and training

Curriculum development

Tutorials for different working scenarios

Rewiring with other applications

Tracking individual studentsí progress

We simulate

The most popular professional equipment on the market

Recording and audio post production studios

Sound reinforcement environments

Digital and analogue consoles

Recorders and peripheral equipment for sound processing

Mobile television systems

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